T-1 E-1 R-4


  • War Survivors
  • Irridiated
  • Penal Colony

Tellouh was a thriving colony until entering into a war with an unknown alien species the Tellouins had dubbed the Milarians, due to first encountering them in the Milar system. No communications were ever established with the Milarians; they were hostile on sight. Most Tellouian ships were either destroyed or captured, their crews always taken captive for unknown reasons.

Tellouh was eventually orbited by the Milarian fleet, and was subject to intense bombardment of biological weapons, particle beam weapons, and conventional armament. Of note was the bacteria Aphorius, which consumed raw materials such as metals and crystals. This is one reason Tellouh is a restricted planet by all other systems; the risk of bringing back a mineral-eating bacteria is too high.

Tellouh appeared in our current cluster approximately 100 years ago. The existing population is haggard and feral, the result of living in a wasteland. Cannibals populate the planet, as do raiders and warlords. The situation has not been helped by the fact that both Keria and Tennamiss use it as a penal colony for dangerous criminals. There is a growing movement in Keria that is against this, and some in the Tennamissian society have become upset as well.

Absolutely no valuable minerals exist anywhere in the Tellouh system or planet. The planet does contain primitive technology, although its states are in various levels of decay, and are of questionable worth regardless of quality.


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